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CARE Cardiology Software Solutions Extend Physicians Reach

Cardiologists access patient images and data anywhere, anytime from remote locations or within the healthcare enterprise

i2i CARE Cardiology software comes in two products serving a broad spectrum of needs:
i2i CARE Cardiology TelePACS manages multi-digital-modality imaging, viewing and reporting. It provides affordable,
   real-time. Secure PACS capability to Cardiology labs located within the hospital and to remote cardiologists who either    work at home or provide telecardiology services to underserved geographies.
i2i CARE Cardiology Echoview delivers echocardiogram data and images capture from analog ultrasound machines and
   forwards to Cardiology viewing stations throughout the hospital enhancing physician efficiency and reducing patient wait

Note: CARE Cardiology TelePACS and CARE Cardiology EchoView are products piloting with key customers. Production release is expected soon but we are still accepting additional pilot sites.

CARE Cardiology TelePACS
Multimodality image management viewing and reporting for remote TeleCardiology or Cardiology Labs

Our affordable multimodality TelePACS provides local or WEB based remote reading of cardiology data and images on any connected PC or notebook computer including echocardiogram, angiogram, MR studies, CT studies and ECG.

CARE Cardiology TelePACS Architecture
Intra-hospital access for staff Cardiologists and remote access for TeleCardiologists
Brings Digital Workflow Speed and Efficiency to the Cardiology Lab

The Cardiology TelePACS is an end to end software solution. DICOM Studies are uploaded from multiple modalities at the patient site to the TelePACS Server. Server software can be licensed to run on the customer’s hardware or i2i can host the server. Studies can be accessed locally or remotely. For remote access, studies are losslessly compressed, encrypted and transferred securely over the internet to the remote viewing station. Remote Cardiologists access their personal work list from any internet PC and download studies for local viewing. Work lists are populated automatically or by an administrator. Reports are created by the cardiologist and sent back to the originating site for clinical use. Studies and reports are archived on the TelePACS server.

CARE Cardiology TelePACS
Cardiologists Personal Work list

CARE Cardiology TelePACS
Cardiologists Viewer (EchoCardiogram Example)

The CARE Cardiology TelePACS Viewer is powerful supporting progressive viewing of images and full CINE Loop play. A complete feature set is provided for configuring viewing operation, conducting image manipulation, orientation, annotation along with support for CINE Loops and linking multiple series. Thumbnail panes are provided for easy navigation.


CARE Cardiology EchoView
Echocardiogram data and images delivered to the Cardiologist anywhere within the Hospital

CARE Cardiology EchoView was architected specifically to:
     a) Capture echocardiogram images and data from analog ultrasound machines
     b) Store on the EchoView server
     c) Forward to any PC on the hospital LAN so the cardiologist can conveniently view and report.
     d) Archive on the server
The system greatly increases workflow efficiency for institutions with an installed base of legacy ultrasound systems.

EchoView Viewer

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