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About Trillium

The fast-paced advancements in medicine, and highly ‘aware’ patients, place a growing demand on medical professionals the world over to continuously upgrade their knowledge and skills. While on the other hand, medical professionals have lesser and lesser time to spend, away from their practice to acquire this knowledge.

This lifelong learning or continuing medical education (CME) is a formal means for medical professionals to ensure updated competency in their area of specialization. Over the years, CME has evolved from teacher-centric linear education to one that is more learner-centric and suitable to multiple learning aptitudes.

Trillium is a customizable online training platform for CME. It is uniquely designed to support a Blended Learning approach which combines the best of face-to-face interaction, online self-paced learning and social media collaboration.

Your Trillium

  • Create and offer your own Brand of training and professional networking portal.
  • Provide learning-on-the-go with mobile integration and the best in online training technologies.
  • Create and offer your own structured training content in interactive classroom format and webinars.
  • Build peer learning and collaboration groups through discussion forums and mobile chat applications.
  • Provide expert mentoring and access to world-renowned faculty and specialists.
  • Create your own online course assessment and trainee review process. Get accreditation.
  • Promote your customers, suppliers and partners in customized display sections.
  • Go global with your own brand and business model. Easy payment gateway integration.
  • Customize Trillium now with your own brand.

How Your Clients Benefit


Acquire new skills

Your clients gain knowledge, learn new clinical skills, and get to practice them under the guidance of your experts.

Expert Feedback and Reviews

Trillium not only ensures skill transfer but also skill assessment and enhancement through online image submission and objective review and expert assessment.

Learn as they earn

Your clients need not leave their clinical practice to learn new skills. With Trillium, they can learn as they continue to earn.

Online Mentoring

Your clients can get mentoring and guidance from your clinical educators and practitioners.